Labour law

In services and industry, employees are often the most important asset of a company.

The employees, on the other hand, depend on their jobs to earn their living, making it of extreme importance to all parties that the collaboration between the employer and employees runs smoothly.

Characteristic to legal issues related to employment are strict formal requirements concerning the procedures and tight deadlines, and non-compliance with these requirements and deadlines possibly leading to significant losses of right or liabilities for damages.

Questions that concern labour law often emerge in situations that are not directly connected to employment relationships.

For example, the successful closure of a company acquisition often requires the consideration of matters related to labour law and employment: the form of the company transaction may have a significant impact on contractual relationships with employees.

The scattered legislation makes it more difficult to master the field

Moreover, the regulations governing employment are scattered across various acts, which makes the management of employment-related issues even more complicated.

Depending on the situation, the regulations of the Employment Contracts Act, Equal Opportunities Act, Non-Discrimination Act, Act on Co-operation within Undertakings, regulations on health and safety at work, and the applicable collective agreement may have to be taken into account.

Therefore, it is important to identify any legal issues related to employment and, if necessary, resort to legal advice in all matters from drafting the employment contract to the termination of employment.

In order to avoid any losses of right or liabilities for damages, it is also important to resort to legal advice as early on as possible in the case of termination of employment or planned company acquisition, for example.

Why to choose us?

Attorney Ismo Sillanpää has undertaken various assignments that concern employment and labour law. For instance, he has consulted both employers and employees in matters related to signing an employment contract or issues that arise during employment, as well as having represented both employers and employees in court cases concerning disputes on the termination of employment. He has also offered consultation in matters related to labour law in company acquisitions, for example.

Asianajotoimisto Sillanpää Ltd, Attorneys-at-Law assists and represents both employers and employees in employment-related matters. Typical assignments in this field include:

  • Consultation on employment-related matters when negotiating an employment contract, terminating an employment contract or in connection with a company transaction;
  • Assistance in disputes concerning the termination of employment;
  • Assistance for employees in applying for Pay Security compensation and other related matters when the employer is in financial difficulties or is insolvent;
  • Consultation in and implementation of cooperation procedures.

Asianajotoimisto Sillanpää Ltd assists and represents its clients in various kinds of assignments related to property and construction law. Our typical assignments include:

  • Drafting of the deed of conveyance of a property or an apartment;
  • Assistance for buyer or seller in a dispute concerning a property transaction;
  • Assistance for the customer or contractor in contract negotiations or disputes concerning construction contracts;
  • Assistance in property, private road and redemption surveys and appeals to a land court or the Supreme Court related to these surveys;
  • Consultation and assistance in issues related to land use and land use planning with various authorities and at different stages of the process.


In addition to legal expertise, assignments in property and construction law often require special expertise in other fields. Asianajotoimisto Sillanpää Ltd collaborates with an extensive network of experts, including specialists in condition surveys in connection with property transactions, construction experts that can assist in resolving disputes, and experts in determining the value of properties.

A preliminary discussion about your situation on the phone is always free of charge whether or not it leads to further assignment.

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