Property and construction law

The most important asset of individuals and companies is often property or an apartment– whether it is a house, buy-to-let housing or other property, or the production facilities of an industrial company.

Legal matters and issues related to property are often complex, and several perspectives must be considered at the same time in order to find the best possible solution.

Moreover, while the legislation and legal principles that apply to the sale of property and apartments are mostly in line with each other, they also include their own special characteristics. This in turn means that sometimes, the solution may be completely different depending on whether you are buying or selling property or an apartment.

From the client’s point of view, this often means that there are quite a few questions that you cannot find answers to simply by reading law text – in addition to knowing the law and regulations, finding the best solution often requires that you are also familiar with legal practice and literature.

Contractual aspects regarding construction

The same also applies to construction contracts between entrepreneurs or companies in particular, because there is hardly any special legislation concerning construction contracts between entrepreneurs.

Therefore, legal issues related to construction requires expertise in general terms of agreement in the construction sector as well as knowledge of building regulations and good construction practices.

The scope of real estate and the rights regarding other person's estate

The right to register property is a subdomain of real property law that involves the definition of the borders of the property, the right of another to use the land for a specific purpose (such as a right-of-way, boatyard, or the right to place an electric line or water main on the property), i.e. an easement, or the division of an existing property into various properties by means of parceling out a designated area or partitioning.

This specialisation also covers redemption matters, in which the municipality, state or, in some rare cases, an individual redeems the area or an easement of a property.

The first instance for cases that are covered by the right to register property is survey proceedings, and appeals against the decisions of the survey proceedings can be lodged to a land court, which is a special composition of a district court that considers land rights cases.

Both survey proceedings and legal proceedings in a land court involve their own peculiarities that you should be familiar with and take into consideration in order to succeed in the proceedings.

Why to choose us?

Attorney Ismo Sillanpää focused on property law in his thesis on the formalities in a deed of gift of property, and he has since worked on legal issues that consider properties and construction throughout his entire career. In his work, he has gained a deep insight into the legal practice and literature in property law, and he knows which related points of view, such as taxation, to consider in order to find the best possible overall solution in the matter. He has also gained extensive experience in assignments related to the right to register property in both survey and land court proceedings.

Asianajotoimisto Sillanpää Ltd assists and represents its clients in various kinds of assignments related to property and construction law. Our typical assignments include:

  • Drafting of the deed of conveyance of a property or an apartment;
  • Assistance for buyer or seller in a dispute concerning a property transaction;
  • Assistance for the customer or contractor in contract negotiations or disputes concerning construction contracts;
  • Assistance in property, private road and redemption surveys and appeals to a land court or the Supreme Court related to these surveys;
  • Consultation and assistance in issues related to land use and land use planning with various authorities and at different stages of the process.


In addition to legal expertise, assignments in property and construction law often require special expertise in other fields. Asianajotoimisto Sillanpää Ltd collaborates with an extensive network of experts, including specialists in condition surveys in connection with property transactions, construction experts that can assist in resolving disputes, and experts in determining the value of properties.

A preliminary discussion about your situation on the phone is always free of charge whether or not it leads to further assignment.

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