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Asianajotoimisto Sillanpää Ltd, Attorneys-at-Law

There’s a solution to every problem

High-quality problem solving for you and your company – quickly and cost-efficiently.

Based in Tampere, we offer our services in all parts of Finland and internationally. We can assist you in Finnish, English and German.

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Asianajotoimisto Sillanpää Ltd, Attorneys-at-Law is a general lawyer’s practice that can advise and represent you and your company in all kinds of legal matters. The cornerstones of our service are confidentiality as well as rapid and cost-effective action, without compromising the quality of our service.

Asianajotoimisto Sillanpää Ltd specialises in the following fields:


Property and construction law

Bankruptcy law

Labour law

Company law

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Ismo Sillanpää

Member of the Finnish Bar Association, Master of Laws Trained-at-the-Bench
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