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Asianajotoimisto Sillanpää Ltd, Attorneys-at-Law is a general lawyer’s practice that can advise and represent you and your company in all kinds of legal matters. The cornerstones of our service are confidentiality as well as rapid and cost-effective action, without compromising the quality of our service.

Asianajotoimisto Sillanpää Ltd specialises in the following fields:


Property and construction law

Bankruptcy law

Labour law

Company law

Asianajotoimisto Sillanpää Ltd, Attorneys-at-Law is insured against financial loss by professional liability insurance required by the Finnish Bar Association, with Pohjola Insurance Ltd.

The Finnish Bar Association supervises the practices of the company, and the company observes the proper professional conduct for attorneys-at-law (in Finnish) at all times.

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Price list

The fees that Asianajotoimisto Sillanpää Ltd charges are generally based on the time spent on an assignment, at an hourly fee of EUR 240–312 + VAT at 24% (EUR 297.60–386.88 per hour, incl. VAT). The fee is based on the time spent on an assignment, taking into account that the minimum fee for a single procedure (such as a telephone conference, email, etc.) corresponds to a fee for 15 minutes, and for court appearance, the minimum fee corresponds to the fee for one hour.

On a case-by-case basis, a fixed fee for an assignment can be agreed upon in advance.

In addition to the attorney’s fee, any direct expenses, such as administrative costs or travel and accommodation expenses, related to the assignment will be invoiced to the client.

Unless otherwise agreed, Asianajotoimisto Sillanpää Ltd invoices any procedures and expenses related to the assignment four times a year. However, assignments are always invoiced when the assignment ends at the latest.

A minimum surcharge of 30% applies to urgent assignments or assignments that require working outside of normal office hours. The surcharge is agreed upon when commencing the assignment or at a later stage when the basis for a surcharge becomes apparent.

A written contract that details the basis for invoicing, instalments, and other terms and conditions that apply to the assignment is signed when the assignment commences.

We will also check the client’s possibility to cover the expenses with their legal expenses insurance or public legal assistance paid by the government.


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A preliminary discussion about your situation on the phone is always free of charge whether or not it leads to further assignment.

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